From “Explore” to “Experience” with Atea

The Mission: In 2018, Atea Landstreff was based on the concept “Explore” where the main goal was to gain new knowledge and fuel the employees’ curiosity.

Experience is about acquiring the experiences you need to become experts in your field. It’s about always being one step ahead, develop and expand. Furthermore, it’s about knowing that you can always learn more and therefore always look for new opportunities.

Atea invited all of their 1650 employees to Gothenburg a weekend in January to “Experience” together.

The Execution

The event itself took place at “Bananpiren”, which previously was a free harbor, a place where people received goods from all over the world.

Friday was used to reflect on the past year with “Exploring” and looking into 2019. In addition, we had external keynote speakers to inspire the employees.

On Saturday the program started with a presentation which led into a workshop. Later the program was based on 8 minutes presentations from both employees and partners in addition to external keynotes. The employees could choose which presentation they wanted to attend and there was a huge variety of topics; Social Media, Ergonomics, cases from Atea with their customers, safety, internal communication, Buzzwords, CSR, workshops, reverse interviewing, social selling and more.

Atea’s partners were set up in a separate area where they had a variation of games and information about their new and exciting technology. They also recorded podcast episodes, had workshops with Design Thinking and 8 minutes presentations about their products and solutions.

The Result

The feedback on the content and the layout were all positive and the employees were ecstatic about the weekend.

“The entertainment was great. I got goosebumps when Michael Jacobs (CEO in Atea AS) went on stage. It was also really nice to get to know my colleagues across the different departments. I hope to attend next year as well”.

“Gothenburg was best when it came to logistics, living arrangements and transport. I liked the fact that the partners were in a different area which made it a bit more compact”.

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