How we created Scandinavia´s first exclusive brand experience showroom

CC Vest shopping center is one of Norway’s most popular shopping center, with over 50 000 visitors per week, a loyal, well-educated and wealthy group of customers.


However, in order to keep existing customers and attracting a younger audience along with the continuously changing retail industry that are losing customers to online shopping; CC Vest wanted to develop something that would continue to build and strengthen their position as a trend-setting shopping center.


What we did

JCP PR and Advertisement and JCP Event helped CC Vest to develop a solution that would build the center as a living and inspiring shopping mall. It was named Spiren, which means something new growing. The architect agency Wood drew and built a unique pavilion, outside the main entrance to the mall. JCP developed the strategy for the pavilion; it was to have dynamic content of clear concepts and experiences that present the spearhead within their categories. The pavilion, Spiren, should be a channel for offering concepts that either represent something completely new or something you do not expect to experience in a shopping centre. The solution was to create a permanent and vibrant event platform to offer shopping as part of the experience, not THE experience.

The target group are well-educated, wealthy and know what they want. The content in the events therefore needed to complement these demands and were decided to be built through the content pillars; sustainability, unique products and brands, culture, taste and innovation. The strategy was to manage to tailor-make experiences that would engage the target audience in a new way.

The result

The official opening of Spiren was in November 2018. For the opening, the Norwegian artist Fam Irvoll interpreted the different content pillars in her own way, by creating a universe in Spiren with a special designed installation, unicorn bagels and her unique clothing design, specially made for the event.

The next exhibition was a pre-launch of an art exhibition presented by one of Norway´s most well-known galleries: Henie Onstad. In order to celebrate their 50thanniversary, they opened an exhibition celebrating the life of Sonja Henie, the well-known Norwegian ice skater. Later on, the popular online vintage app, Tise, were brought in to show off and sell selected and exclusive vintage products and sustainable Christmas gifts. Ending the year with FestligeTing, an online high-end party shop, changing Spiren into a new year party experience.


The journey will continue though out the year with exciting brands and experiences that the costumers has not seen before. The effect of the concepts has been broad PR coverage in national and local media in addition to social media coverage. Spiren has managed to tailormade experiences that has engaged the target audience and has become Scandinavia´s first experience showroom.

For this years #WITsthlm2019 event on March 8, 2019, JCPr managed the press and PR work. The work included traditional press work and coordination on site which generated both local media such as Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter and Breakit and media world wide such as El Pais, The Jakarta Post, The National and TV Net.

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