A challenge from The Nobel Peace Center led to a popular program series, with Norway’s best, young artists discussing important topics in todays’ society.

The Nobel Peace Center had a challenge: not enough young people came to visit. They asked JCP PR & Advertising to create a communication concept that could appeal to a young target group.


Some songs have done more than entertain. They have changed the world. The songs remain as symbols of important historical events. A soundtrack for social movements that has inspired social change and engagement worldwide. Through our series of events, the audience gets the opportunity to experience some of these songs – interpreted by Norway’s most exciting artists.

In the spring of 2018, The Nobel Peace Center launched “Songs that changed the world”. Since then, The Nobel Peace Center together with Øyafestivalen, have invited four different artists to interpret a song that has had an influence on society. Norway’s most respected music journalist, Asbjørn Slettemark is the host and starts each event by giving the audience a music-historical introduction to the theme. The Director of Education at the Nobel Peace Center, Toril Rokseth and the artist then enter the stage to talk about the artist’s relationship to the song as well as how it has influenced public debate.

The songs reflected the different exhibitions at the Peace Center. So far, topics such as class divisions, climate change, the fight against nuclear weapons and racism have been the focus. At the end of the event, the artist plays his/ her version of the song as a tribute.


The best young artists

The Peace Center has succeeded in getting Norway’s best young artists to perform for the program series. Amanda Delara (described as the country’s most exciting artist), Bendik (2 x nominee for best artist of the year), Honningbarna (named Norway’s best live band) and the up and coming rapper, MYRA have all shown their support and joined the program.

Figures show that the audience is also satisfied as 97% answered that they were more positive towards the Nobel Peace Center after the event, compared to before.

The last event with MYRA were also a part of the celebration of the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square in London.

The program will continue in 2019 with new and exciting artists and themes.

Check out Amanda Delara’s performance here:

Check out Bendik’s performance here:

Check out Honningbarna’s performance here:

Check out MYRA’s performance here:

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