Xynteo Exchange 2019

Over the past few centuries, the existing growth model has catalyzed enormous progress. It’s been a force for good. But this growth model is no longer fit for our needs – or for generations to come. In many ways it has become a destructive force, promoting short-term wins over long-term prosperity.

Xynteo is a platform for galvanising leaders and catalysing ideas – and fusing them into new projects, for new growth. Xynteo Exchange is a platform where business leaders, sources of capital and ideas come together, and create commercial projects with the potential to advance a new growth model.

Wanted to inspire

Through the Xynteo Exchange conference we set out to start changing perceptions of business and sustainability, to ultimately craft a growth model that delivers commercial and economic value while alleviating global challenges. By building the event around the current state of the world, and what it could become if the right people take collective action, we aimed to create an arena that both inspired and set an example.

  1. Create a ‘tribe’ of leaders
  2. Connect with live projects
  3. Incubate new collaborative projects

This year’s conference had 500 participants from 40 nationalities contributing, work and come up with new solutions. We are proud to be able to say that several projects have started at The Xynteo Exchange 2019:

MAKE YOUR FOOD: A direct worldwide digital marketplace between smallholder farmers and consumers.

REPLACING ALL PLASTICS: Using Europe’s capacities and resources to replace all plastic material with natural made “plastics”.

THE RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT APP: An app where users can choose funds based on Sustainable Development Goals preferences.

Other results

  • On twitter we had over 31 million impressions across #XynteoExchange and #XE18.
  • We generated an associated 3,042 tweets and 2,242 retweets
  • Up to 1226 individual accounts engaged with us on social media (with 500 attendees)
  • #XynteoExchange was the trending topic in NorwayLink to articles:
    • Forbes.com: https://bit.ly/2SP0We1
    • Aftenposten (Norway): https://bit.ly/2tmfnYK
    • Courrier international (France): https://bit.ly/2UXyGDy

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